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Second character profile. [06 Jan 2004|06:21pm]

Name: Helen Haily
Age- 16
Gender- Female
Interests- Walking in the forest, biology, botany, magic, and animals. (she loves wolves)
Occupation- Student
History- The Haily family is a quite rich family and has been going from different places of the world to another. Helen has never been fimilar to any school because she always leaves by two weeks. She is visiting with her older sister who was a graduate of Totchi Academy.
Personality- A very withdrawn girl, but is very nice and gentle.
Desc.- Medium sized with shoulder length black hair and brown-black eyes. Often dressed in gothic lolita fashion clothing.

No worries. ^^ I just hope I have the profile done right.
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Character [04 Jan 2004|07:48pm]

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Name- Robert Greyson
Age- 15
Gender- Male
Interests- Reading by the fire, academics, magic, proving oneself.
Occupation- Youngest Principal of Totchi Academy
History- The Greyson family were always connected to Totchi Academy, and were the leaders of the school. Robert's father was the academy's former principal. However, due to certain shady circumstances, he was killed. Ever since then, Robert has been principal.
Personality- A usually quiet and withdrawn boy, his personality changes radically when he assumes the form of the principal.
Desc.- Short, with short silver-hair and blue eyes. Often wears glasses.

Oh, and you can add more then just name, age, gender, and interests. Sorry Selfy for not saying that before. =_=

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[04 Jan 2001|07:44pm]

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Whoo, I got LJ to work :DDD *clings to Pai Pai for all j00r help*

Name: Daishi Noriyuki (most people call him Yuki, but his good friends call her Nori :D)
Age: 15 1/2
Birthday: March 4th
Interests: (depending on the mood, really...) Quiet, really loud music, guitar, Pretty mountain scenes, drawing, painting, reading, plotting, and scaring people.

oh yeah...

Gender: We -THINK- it's a guy...I think...

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My character. [02 Jan 2004|01:33pm]

Don't worry Pai-chan. ^^ I wont be a hentai here and I will attempt on not even hinting it. ^^ And for the age and name thing, I'll assume thats for the characters. >> And just curious, do we just use one character or could we have more?

Name: Aqua Rahda
Gender: Male
Interests: Books (fantasy, Sci-Fi and looking up information), cooking, long walks/traveling, learning magic and historical artifacts.
Occupation: Teacher of Totchi Academy
History- The Rahda family is a family of talented magicians. Aqua, who is following his family's steps, wasn't much of an acception either. He was nearly close to perfection but he was always second to a rival student. Looked down upon by superiors but looked up by students and peers. When not teaching at the school, he is usually out helping people and giving advice to students when they are feeling down. Usually a medatior for people.
Desc.- Medium-tal Long purple hair that reaches the middle of his back and emerald. Wears the teachers uniform in school and traditional robes when not in school. Carries a small book with him all the time. Looks feminine.
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Just testing. [01 Jan 2004|09:45pm]

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