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totchiacademy's Journal

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Welcome to Totchi Academy!

This is a roleplaying community for everyone with open-minds and hearts!

Each year, there are special themes! It ranges from school, to western style gung-ho, to even a gaming scenario! Each year, it changes. The goal of every year is to get as many heart points as possible before the year is up, which is explained below.

Year 1- School Theme

Simply choose a character to start out with (mind you, the academy only accepts students within the ages of 13-19), and introduce yourself!

This is how you start.

The whole idea of this academy is communication! It would be helpful to have AIM or some form of communication means, so that you and fellow students can discuss things that are out of character.

Heart points- When you form a bond of some sort with another student, you may give a heart point to them or recieve one. If you get one, it's not necessary to give one back until your character feels comfortable enough with the other character.

Gain as many heart points as necessary to form friendships and communicate with other people. They are worthless really, but show how much you can interact with other people.

Rules- Please, no extensive 'OOC' unless it's an important notice. Extensive is a paragraph.

Use quotations marks-- no, in fact, use proper grammar.

Be courteous to other members and repect their privacy.

No swearing beyond 'damn' and 'hell'.

Joining- When first posting, post your age, name, gender, and interests.

Because we are starting out, all characters will have the same classes. Classes will be discussed later and you may sugest some. Right now, there is no specific class. It's just... 'class'. If that makes sense. Let's just say that for right now until we make up some classes, every student is on a perpetual break. :D

About the Academy theme- Totchi Academy is a magic academy built in the high snowy regions of the Higoku country. It's always 'winter' there, and all students are required to wear white uniforms. Despite that, it's fairly warm, partially because of the magic from the school. The sun shines everyday, but the snow never melts. It's a wonderful winter wonderland. People form friendships here they never forget.